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SEA Ambassadors

Get to know the SEA Ambassadors available to help your business!

Nuria Garcia Nogueron

Nuria Garcia Nogueron is an MBA student from Spain, and will graduate in December. She has a passion for entrepreneurship and making the workplace better. In her free time, she can be found at the gym or traveling as much as possible. Nuria would recommend The Compound Effect to those in search of a great read.


Esmeralda Bodón

Esmeralda Bodón is a Music Therapy Major, from Trenton, NJ. In her free time, she likes to cook, sing, and hang out with her two puppies, Bucky and Mimi. Esmeralda is also part of the Bonner Leadership Program where she is completing her service at the SEA.

Sara Morar

Sara Morar is a Criminology & Criminal Justice Major, from New Castle, PA. She enjoys reading and spending time outside. Sara is a member of the Bonner Leader Program at SRU, where she completes service at the SEA. Sara is also an editor of the SEA newsletter.

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