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Sustainable Businesses

Acknowledging your presence and your habits on earth are intertwined with the environment's lasting resources and irreversible effects is an incredible step. Once you can recognize your habits that make a drastic to the environment, you become aware of the actions to help us sustain our earth's resources.


All the products and businesses listed below are provided in hopes to direct our readers to resources to enhance and better their lives and the earth's preserves with sustainable value in mind. Introducing productive concepts and ideas to benefit you in your lifestyles. There's always something worth learning for us to share with you. We hope you enjoy and most importantly: learn and share knowledge.

Disclaimer: These products are not sponsored but recommended for use.

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Plastic-free way to brush your teeth

Bite is a plastic-free, cruelty-free, and cleaner way of cleaning your teeth. The company wants to eliminate the 1 billion toothpaste tubes throw away each year. Bite is a zero-waste company and was featured in many top magazines for its innovative and sustainable change to everyone's daily routine.


Earth-friendly cleaning supplies

Blueland created a sustainable way of cleaning. Blueland's reusable bottles come with tablets that you simply drop into the bottle full of water and it makes a powerful cleaner. They sell tablets for various surfaces, including glass, hands, the laundry, dishes, and bathroom. With these tablets and reusable bottles, they hope to eliminate the plastic waste from cleaning supplies and reduce trash dumped into the oceans.

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Reselling Good, Used Gear

REI takes back lightly used items and resells them to customers to reduce the need to produce new products. REI's mission is to keep perfectly good outdoor materials from being thrown away when someone else would love to have them.


Eco-Friendly phone accessories

Pela is the world's first 100% compostable phone case made from plants. Their goal is to reduce the over 1 billion plastic phone cases made each year. Their products use less water, fewer carbon emissions, and create much less waste production. The company even offers a service called Pela360. The company will send you an extra envelope when you buy one of its cases so you can send your old one to them and they will recycle or reuse the material. Additionally, the company is carbon neutral. 

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The Earthling Co:

Eco-friendly Alternatives to Everyday Products 

The Earthling Co. makes earth-friendly alternatives to everyday products, such as shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, combs, lip balm, and much more. The company makes hair care bars that don't use plastic packaging and everyday tools made of natural elements. They also donate money to Earth Force, a company that teaches the younger generation to solve environmental issues in their communities.

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