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Who/What is Big Rail Brewing?

Big Rail Brewing was founded in 2013. It began as a humble homebrewing project with big dreams. From there, with the help of family and friends, its grown into a nano-brewery looking to distribute quality brews across western Pennsylvania.


Why the name ‘Big Rail’?

Big Rail is a nickname for 155-pound and 152-pound rail. That’s 155 pounds per linear yard. Heavy-duty stuff! The heavier the rail, the heavier the freight it can handle to prevent wearing as quickly. Big Rail is also called “Pennsylvania Special” because it originated with Pennsylvania railroads. Likewise, Big Rail started brewing in the mountains of Pennsylvania and wanted a name that takes it back to it roots.


Where can I get your beer?

For now and the near future, you’ll only be able to get it at the Harmony Inn, located in Harmony, PA. In the not-too-distant future, however, the company plans to distribute to some other local restaurants and pubs in the region.

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