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Get Right is a business start up created by one of our Ambassadors at the SEA. Tyler spent a lot of his time exercising at the ARC fitness center and would observe the other patrons there. He recognized that most people would wear similar brands to workout such as Nike, Gym Shark, and Adidas. This sparked his idea to make his own gym apparel that his peers could wear to workout and eventually other people part of the exercise community. 

In the spring of 2019, Get Right released shirts and hoodies and sold over 100 items. However, the shirts were 100% cotton and were not the most comfortable shirt to wear for working out. This semester, Tyler decided to make shirts that are lighter, softer, and more appropriate for gym shirts. He is also selling hats and crop tops, which is a current style for women's gym wear.




To order your own Get Right apparel, click the link below and fill out the Pre-Order form before October 21st.


Instagram: @getright412

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