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                 is an open forum for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas.  The mission of the Idea Lab is to assist entrepreneurs in transforming their bright ideas into profitable business ventures.  We can provide a wide range of services including guidance, resources and idea incubation for startup businesses.  Our strategy is focused on the success of your startup through combining sustainability with innovative business approaches.


   We believe utilizing these concepts can open up dynamic opportunities that contribute to the growth of any startup business.  By also helping to mitigate the impact a business can place on our natural world; making business ventures not only profitable, but environmentally, economically, and socially responsible. 

What Entrepreneurs Are Saying:

"...They invited me to different showcases, to show my product and network with different entrepreneurs and business people, so that exposure there helped me out a lot..."

- Jamaur Law

Beyond Phenom Sports Apparel

"...The SEA helped me achieve greater sustainability by just suggesting things I might have not known. John Golden is a genius when it comes to this; he's taught me a lot. Even if it's just in a conversation, I always learn one more thing from John..."

- Randy Cinski

Randita's Grill

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