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               KingView Mead History


KingView Mead seeks to introduce you to your ancestors and reconnect you with nature. The oldest of all alcohols, mead’s history predates medieval knights, Viking exploration and the Roman empire. It even goes back before the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.  The oldest known recipe for mead is from the text Rig Veda, created 6000 years ago, and many believe it was stumbled upon by early man as they gathered honey, which fermented over time.  Scott Neeley founded KingView Mead to reconnect with tradition, with nature and with each other.


Crafting mead since 2011 and having made over 50 varieties, he began to enter amateur competitions in 2015 and within the first year had seven different mead’s medal, including two Best of Show, one at largest amateur wine making competition in the world.  From there he decided it was time to follow his passion and do it by helping others.  The breadth of variety and focus on quality is what makes KingView mead’s stand out from the rest.  From dry to sweet, simple to complex, Scott believes that it’s better to be the best than first and, he believes all of you deserve great mead and a terrific experience each and every time you take a drink.


KingView Mead’s business model is taken straight from nature, by replicating the relationship that bees have with plants, in that they each help one another grow.  Our Mead-For-Bees program embodies that amazing relationship by supporting beekeepers and bees by giving back.  There are many amazing people that help us all, supplying the foods we eat, plus propagating the trees, flowers and herbs we see, we support them because they support us.  When you drink KingView, let it take you back to olden times, feel good, smile, relax and know that you are helping us all.

 Great Mead. Noble Cause. Amazing People.


Our Mission: Resurrect tradition, craft best-in-class mead, and help rebuild the bee population.


When you drink our mead, we hope that you are reminded of our essential ties to nature and the rich traditions of generations passed.  As we grow we want to help the beekeeping community grow, which will in turn keep food costs lower and make forests, meadows, waterways, the entire planet more biodiverse for everyone to enjoy.


We encourage you to explore our website and join us in our mission. Feel good for doing good. Cheers!

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