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Lobo Wolves

     Lobo Wolves are an endangered buffalo wolf species, and subspecies of the gray wolf, found mostly in the western Great Lakes region and the Great Plains. The SEA has been partnered with Richard Bly and the Kane Historic Memorial Society for the past few years to help create an education center to preserve the memory of the wolves that once were repopulated in Kane, Pennsylvania. Richard Bly, project coordinator in Kane, works hard with supervisors, interns and the community to keep the Lobo wolf’s spirit and history alive in the town of Kane as well as in Pennsylvania.

      It all began in the 1900s with a man named Dr. Edward Heber McCleery. The U.S. Government had put out a bounty on wolves causing many species, including the gray wolf species to be pushed to the brink of extinction. By 1920, McCleery had decided that eradicating a whole species was not the answer so he purchased what was left of the species, over 20 buffalo wolf pups, and raised them in his home in Kane. In 1929, Dr. McCleery moved the wolves down the road to a 50-acre plot of land. Here he opened up a sanctuary to breed his wolves and was sure to keep the sanctuary open to the public and teach the people of Kane about his ever growing wolf pack. McCleery cared for the wolves and did research on the species itself until 1962 when he sold his wolves to Jack Lynch. He then died three months later. From then the wolves were moved around the Midwest until finally settling in Bridger, Montana.

      Today, there are 33 pure-bred buffalo wolves that remain from Dr. McCleery’s pack. With the McCleery Education Center in Kane, PA, the Kane Historic Memorial Society showcases some of this man’s incredible work to educate others about the wolves, other predator species and the importance of species conservation. There is still so much to learn about the Kane Lobo Wolves and furthering this project to spread the idea of species conservation is the main goal.

McCleery Discovery Center (Coming Soon)
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