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Mural Dedication
& Pollination Garden

Mural Dedication & Pollination Garden


This project is implemented to create a sustainable, yet beautiful atmosphere around Slippery Rock University.  Last semester, three ambassadors wrote a grant that was approved for $2,307.


A local artist is in the process of recreating the mural for the side of SEA’s building using entirely recycled and reused materials.


In addition, the project is creating a sustainable Lasagna structure-inspired garden.  A Lasagna garden utilizes recyclable materials (such as newspaper and cardboard), as well as non-dyed mulch to improve compost quality and accelerate plant fertilization.


Lastly, the Kaleidoscope Festival will take place in April.  The Mural and Beautification Project team members must coordinate with Kaleidoscope to prepare this event.  The mural reveal will take place during the festival and SEA will debut its sustainable garden during the festival.

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