Image by Harshal S. Hirve

Our Ambassadors


Jonathan Deal

"Hello, my name is Jon. I'm a senior, majoring in Communications: Public Relations from Beaver, PA. I joined the SEA to gain a better understanding of the administrative side of nonprofits, and relationships inside the realm of business surrounding sustainability. I hope to gain a network of relationships and a better understanding of how to help a business become more sustainable and successful."


Dejah Jenkins

"Hi! My name is Dejah, a senior majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications from Pittsburgh, PA.

I joined the SEA to gain more knowledge in sustainable living, while simultaneously learning how to tie that into my future as a professional. I hope to gain a better understanding of what it means to live a sustainable life, while creating successful business endeavors that'll benefit myself, others, and the world as well."


Verónica Kasavich

"My name is Verónica Kasavich and I'm a senior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Professional Spanish from Pittsburgh, PA. One of the first things I noticed about SEA was that its values were the same as mine. I specifically have a passion for maintaining a plentiful environment and helping to maintain quality, long lasting conditions for future generations. I look forward to building on my knowledge and combining it with my creativity for the business world and beyond."


Lindsey Litrenta

"Hi, I'm Lindsey Litrenta! I'm a senior, majoring in Communication: Public Relations from New Castle, PA. I joined SEA to obtain more knowledge on project management, while working hands-on with clients in the entrepreneurship industry. I hope to gain experience with different types of clients while completing different hands-on tasks to prepare myself for my future job."


Dimera Little

"Hello! My name is Dimera Little. I'm a senior from Pittsburgh, PA. I am majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication with a minor in Business Administration. I joined SEA to acquire in-depth experience with professionals in the entrepreneurship industry, while developing my marketing and time management skills. I hope to obtain strength in my network and confidence in efficiently executing any assignments presented to me."


Ilaria Perry

"Hello! I'm Ilaria Perry, a sophomore majoring in Integrated Marketing Communication with a minor in Graphic Design from Wexford, PA. I joined the SEA because I wanted to gain more hands-on experience working with marketing and communication. I also have strong interests in sustainability, so I was excited to learn more about economic sustainability and how it affects businesses. I hope to learn more about sustainability, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies as these are all large focuses for the SEA. I also hope to gain more confidence in my professional work on projects and with clients."


Peter Poupakis

"Hey, I'm Peter Poupakis! I'm a senior, Business Management major from Pittsburgh, PA. I joined SEA to enhance my project management skills and to get hands-on experience to prepare myself after I graduate from Slippery Rock University. I hope to gain knowledge, skills, and how to be a good and productive project manager. Also, I hope to start developing my networking for my future with this internship."


Haylea Rieger

"Hello, my name is Haylea Rieger. I'm a sophomore with a dual major of Integrated Marketing Communication and Public Relations from Mars, PA. I joined the SEA to get a head-start on my internship credits, but also to advance my skills in what I am studying for my future career. I hope to strengthen my knowledge of what I am majoring in to make sure it is the right fit."


Rachel Shaw

"Hi, I'm Rachel Shaw. I'm a senior from Doylestown, PA. I'm majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Leadership. I joined the SEA because it was recommended by a professor. He told me it was a great internship to learn and work for with groups and clients. I hope to have a sense of what my career-path will be post-graduation and to gain an experience like no other."


Anthony Shirley

"Hi, I'm Anthony Shirley!

I'm a senior majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications. I joined because of the work the organization does and its mission and vision. I hope to take away all the knowledge and skills that I have learned throughout my Internship into the professional world. Essential skills such as project management, delegate tasks to team members, working with clients, time management, and leadership skills. These are just some of the few benefits that I wish to take away from this internship."



Todd Swinko

"Hello! I'm Todd Swinko, a senior majoring in Business Administration from Ephrata, PA.

 I joined the SEA because I was encouraged by a professor from Career Services. She suggested to me to look into the organization and I became very interested in its work. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge about sustainability and to also gain the experience of working with team-oriented projects."

Image by Harshal S. Hirve