Our Faculty and Consultants

Mr. Chris Leninger

Parks and Recreation, College of Health, Environment, and Science

Dr. David Jordan

School of Business 

Dr. Li Pu

Department of Communication

Tricia Flock

Co-Owner and Business Manager Flock Food Solutions

Ken Bennett

Rotary Club Member

Dr. Doug Strahler

Department of Communication

Dr. Sunita Mondal

School of Business

Mr. Valentine Kefeli

Ph. D. Biology

Dr. David Culp

School of Business


Dr. Matthew Erickson

Special Education Department

Dr. Katrina Quinn

Department of Communication

Mr. Paul Scanlon

President's Office

Dr. Larry McCarthy

College of Business, Information & Social Sciences

Dr. Kurt Schimmel

School of Business

Dr. Jeananne Nicholls

School of Business

Dr. Julie Snow

Geography, Geology & the Environment Department

Joseph Flock

Owner and Principle Consultant

Flock Food Solutions

SEA 2021

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