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Our Staff and Ambassadors


Dr. John Golden


Daniel Burtner

Director of Marketing

Aquaponics Project Manager

Dr. David Culp


Aaron (AJ) Detweiler

Green Leaves Project Manager

Lea Bialek

Major: Communication - Digital Media Production

Minor: Writing

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Projects: Grant Writing, SEA Design (PM), SEA Website (PM), SEA Newsletter Co-Editor and Designer, and Events 

What do you want to get out of your time at the SEA: I'm extremely excited to add more designs to my portfolio. This semester, I plan on building and refining my skills in social media, grant writing, event planning, and website designing.  I'm looking forward to gaining professional experience working with teams for real clients.

Elaina DiBucci

Majors: Business Marketing and Management

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Projects: Entrepreneurship Outreach Program (PM), Marketing Videos/Photos (PM), SEA Mural Project, and Events

What do you want to get out of your time at the SEA: To be able to apply my skills and knowledge to the SEA's projects and clients that we work with as a team. Also, to come up with objectives that are sustainable and effective as possible. I look forward to all the great outcomes of this internship!

Ashley Kirsch

Major: Communication - Public Relations

Hometown: Irwin, PA

Projects: SEA Mural Project (PM), SEA Social Media (PM), Editor of SEA Newsletter, Entrepreneurship Outreach Program, and Events

What do you want to get out of your time at the SEA: I hope to expand on my public relations skills through this internship experience and successfully lead team projects, while keeping sustainability in mind. I believe my time at the SEA will be beneficial in advancing my skills in writing, social media, event planning and project management. It is exciting to know that I will be leading projects and working with clients to make a difference in the community.

Benjamin Lobaugh

Major: Sustainability Management 

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Projects: SEA Wilderness Project (PM), SEA Mural Project, Aquaponics Project, and Digital Badges Project

What do you want to get out of your time at the SEA: My goal at the SEA is to develop leadership, team building, and management skills in a sustainable, Eco-friendly environment. Interning for this organization will give me the experience I need to move forward into the future of business. 

Todd Wilson

Major: Sustainable Management

Hometown: China Grove, NC

Projects: Digital Badges (PM), Trinidad Cacao (PM), and The Wilderness Project

What do you want to get out of your time at the SEA: A higher degree of competency in entrepreneurship and a broadened perception of sustainability. I also look forward to expanding on my network of resources in the local business community.

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