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Article: SEA Launches New Website

The Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator at Slippery Rock University has launched a new website designed to better communicate the SEA’s purpose, as well as grow its digital and direct marketing capabilities for future projects.

The website presents the SEA’s purpose by breaking down how it helps regional businesses in six key areas: project management, digital marketing, data analytics, public relations, emerging technologies, and business sustainability. The new site is heavily focused on the user experience, first explaining how it helps businesses in each of those six areas before inviting the user to explain what specifically they are in need of help with. The goal of the process is to begin a conversation between the business owner and the SEA so that the business owner can be converted into an SEA client.

Marketing of SEA services and future projects were also a key motivator leading to the website overhaul. The organization teamed up with one of its current clients, Argos HR, to offer visitors to the website a free PDF with an abundance of information on hiring new employees, including what to ask during interviews and proverbial red flags to watch for. The free PDF giveaway is being used to build the SEA’s direct marketing list. Marketing emails from the SEA are getting an overhaul as well, with emails and custom templates now being created using Mailchimp.

The website will also take advantage of both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration. This will allow the SEA to use targeted advertising and boosted posts across Google, Facebook, and Instagram to promote upcoming activities like webinars, workshops, and events for clients.

Another key addition is a blog tool through which the SEA can share articles, its monthly newsletter, webinars, podcasts, and announcements of upcoming events. The blog tool includes search bar and tagging functions that will streamline searching and sorting capabilities for users looking for specific content. The goal of having a convenient way to add content is to increase the new website’s search engine optimization.

You can visit the new SEA website by clicking HERE!

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