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Client Article: Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs

The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs is a 501c3 non-profit launched and developed in collaboration with the Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator (SEA) at Slippery Rock University (SRU).

Did you know that more than half of the startups in the U.S. are launched by people over 45? This is among the fastest growing groups of entrepreneurs on the landscape.

This directly features the tagline of the CAE: making a difference is ageless.

Older workers forming new enterprises – be they for-profit, nonprofit, or social venture organizations – are building new entities they can fit into their own lives. They can set goals that match their own aspirations and use these new platforms to do the kinds of work they feel makes contributions to markets and communities they love.

One of the main obstacles for people in the second half of life is not knowing enough other entrepreneurs – especially in their peer group. The CAE highlights this as an opportunity to bring older entrepreneurs together at whatever stage their enterprise is at. They can meet, discuss strengths and weaknesses, and consider new opportunities together.

In this busy world, the CAE meets is members where they are. We have online live gatherings, but also digital forums and newsfeeds where members can note what they are working on and what kind of help or advice they might need.

Older workers have decades of valuable knowledge, know-how, and networks they can utilize to develop their next projects. They also have extensive people-to-people skills that are rapidly growing in value as economies change.

People are living longer, often more engaged lives. Ageless entrepreneurship allows them to continue to make contributions while organizing a work life that best fits into their circumstances. They can find new sources of income and resilience on their own terms.

We are entering the Renaissance Age of entrepreneurship and it’s being led and supported by ageless entrepreneurs in the second half of life.

Click HERE to visit the CAE website!

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