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Rock Roast Coffee
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What is Rock Roast?

Our coffee is sourced through an innovative sourcing program called Cultivation 2 Cup, or C2C. The purpose behind Cultivation 2 Cup is to provide fair trade, responsibly grown coffee to those who purchase the product. We have the opportunity to sell this product on the Slippery Rock campus, through our RockRoast project. The proceeds from these purchases will benefit Slippery Rock students for service learning opportunities​ in Costa Rica, where the coffee is grown.

RockRoast coffee will be available online soon at, or order your coffee by the bag or case, for your personal consumption or that of your organization, by subscription from the Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator Newsletter.


About Rock Roast

Rock Roast, a student organization currently under incubation at the SEA, is one of the most exciting sustainable initiatives in Slippery Rock. We offer organic, fair-trade coffees grown sustainably in the Golden Valley Farm's plantations of Costa Rica. In the fall of 2014, we catered several events on campus, including the Macoskey's Alter documentary release. As the first public appearance of Rock Roast coffee, the event was a definite success. Community and faculty leaders remarked on the quality of the coffee and the value of the initiative. Several pledged their ongoing support to the brand. Students declared their willingness to buy the coffee immediately, and wanted to know when it would be available. One local business wanted to purchase the coffee immediately to serve their customers.


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