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Green Leaves is a Slippery Rock University initiative to promote sustainability. People who take on the responsibility of monitoring their department are called Green Leaders. These individuals can earn points for their departments in a variety of ways. All things in the program are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of departments.

The campus-wide sustainability audit records greenhouse gas inventory each year. In order to achieve our goals as a whole, we must unite the individuals that impact that data every day to make visible progress. Through the Climate Action Plan, the university is projected to becoming carbon neutral by 2037. Therefore, the ability to reach the school’s population and encourage active, voluntary practices is vital to the school’s success.

Regardless of your major, career prospects, or business interests, sustainability plays an essential role in achieving success. Sustainability practices reduce waste and promotes good business practices.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Environmental Footprint



Make sure your office has the correct bins!


Stay away from one time use plastics and veer towards reusable items--plates, mugs, silverware, dish towels, etc.


Watch your paper usage


Adjust the thermostat:

Up 2 degrees in the summer

Down 2 degrees in the winter


Turn off the lights when you leave

Request energy saving products when putting in orders for: equipment, light bulbs, windows, heating/cooling systems.

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