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The SEA Wilderness Project was developed by Dr. Golden during a Costa Rican rainforest trip.  His travels granted him opportunity to ponder the ambiguity of the word, “wilderness.”  Its definition obtains different meanings and purposes to each individual.


Humans possess an innate connection to nature.  Exposure to outdoors is believed to create positive therapeutic benefits. 


The under-served folks lacking wilderness experience are susceptible to suffering from what Last Child in the Woods author, Richard Louv, defined as nature deficit disorder.  Inadequate amount of interaction with nature may lead to behavioral, stress-induced disorders that negatively impact one’s health.  One solution, ecotherapy, is a relatively recent therapeutic approach with promising potential. 


The goal of the SEA Wilderness Project is to research the positive effects of ecotherapy and tactics to administer these services to those lacking the ability to access nature themselves.


A potential direction for The Wilderness Project is through virtual reality implementation.  The technological method provides an immersive, sensory-packed experience to the user.  This project requires guidance from an ambassador with a true spirit for the wild and a passion for bringing that essence to those in need.

Check out our Zoom event with Benjamin Bishop! He speaks about eco-therapy, its benefits and how VR is assisting with eco-therapy. 

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